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WOW Service Mentor is a consulting company based in the Okanagan that provides a hands-on, customer-focused approach for smaller businesses who want to achieve their ideal customer experience.

WOW will assist business owners and managers to connect their employees with their customers so that service standards can be raised as well as awareness, thus creating a company culture that reinforces the core values of the brand. Having an on-site presence with the entire team and following up in person after focused sessions ensures continued success for the company, their employees and their customers.

Effective service requires that someone connect the dots between the customer, the staff and the company’s management. Customers want their service people to be a part of their experience: the memorable concierge, the talented masseuse, the sommelier who remembered them and their favourite wine from their last trip. If every staff member does not understand the company’s mission and values, they may not convey the appropriate experience to the customer. Companies need to have a strong culture to convey their unique message.

Customers who are affected by a company that has a strong culture and a special service experience become loyal fans of that business. They are the best people to recommend it, because they have a personal emotional connection. The stronger this connection gets, through further interaction and more WOW’s, the more loyal the customer gets, and the more successful the business gets because their customers are spending more and bringing friends.

Effective staff not only improve service ratings and increase a company’s market share; they also take pride in what they do and stay longer, thus saving the company recruiting monies. When staff believe in what they are doing, this honesty comes through to the customer and creates special memories that make special experiences.

Effective management can increase the engagement of employees and customers. Managers who take an active role in customer relations understand the expectations of the company’s customers, and they can encourage staff to surprise customers with wow's on a regular basis. They can also encourage a team of employees to keep striving towards improvement. The people on the ground with the customers are the first to see new trends emerge and hear new comments or new questions. Together, managers and their teams can bring a company vision to life if they are given the tools, creating a stronger company.

Stronger companies also help to build a stronger community as the pride they develop makes them natural ambassadors. Community business leaders often encourage more loyalty from their customers. And on it goes…

More about our Mentor/Consultant

Tailored Solutions

Okanagan Winery WINERies

Kristin has 25 years of experience including 8 of those years right here in the Okanagan Valley working at Mission Hill Family Estate and Quails' Gate Winery. She is an accredited Sommelier and knows the retail aspect as well as the tasting protocols in winery tasting rooms. She created a multi-faceted visitors' program and can work to help you create your ideal winery visit.

The secret combination of knowledge and generosity of spirit is one of the things she can share with your team.


Kristin knows the resort environment well, from working at the Fairmont Banff Springs and the Fairmont Manoir Richelieu in Quebec. She has worked with retail and restaurants associated with golf courses and she understands the multi-faceted approach necessary to engage customers successfully.

Kristin can show your employees how to have fun while still presenting a professional demeanor.

 Retail Stores RETAIL STORES

Kristin was one of the first female managers of a mountain bike shop in Western Canada, working with Rocky Mountain Bicycles' largest independent retailer in the country. She has managed multiple retail locations associated with restaurants, and knows specialty food, imported gifts and personal and home d飯r items from years in Calgary and Vancouver.

The magic of stories amidst a focus for attention to systems and detail is all part of the retail art Kristin can offer your team.

Kelowna Restaurant RESTAURANTS

Having worked in numerous restaurant environments, Kristin has a keen understanding of the unique nature of this industry. Everything from Earls to the pool bar and summer Terrace at the Banff Springs to the 4 star dining room at the Manoir Richelieu are part of Kristin's repertoire. She worked closely with restaurant and catering teams at wineries in the Okanagan, and has run her own movie catering company.

Kristin's attention to detail, focus on operations systems and passion for exemplary service are all part of what she shares with your team.