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About Our Services

WOW Service Mentor provides in-house service training and mentoring for an entire team of staff and managers. Whether for staff training, customer loyalty program or for a special event, an initial assessment and consultation allows WOW to provide a tailored approach to the service need. Programs with a core structure are provided at a package price; unique requests and special events are charged at a flat fee. All materials are protected with copyright, so as to guarantee the exclusivity and confidentiality of the client’s program for WOW and the client.

we work with you and your team so you can provide a wow every time.


WOW programs include:

  • Seasonal "kick-off" staff training & troubleshooting program (provides a quick and efficient method for ensuring short term staff are confident and prepared)

  • Complete Service Culture program (provides a full "ground-up" program that incorporates the client's mission & values into a service program, ensuring all employees can buy into the company vision)

  • Single session motivational seminars (e.g.a snapshot to jump-start the client's staff, or an informational session for a community or industry group)

  • Customer Loyalty Program (designing a unique approach to reward and further “wow” the best customers at a business – everything from formatting a system to designing events or newsletters can be provided by WOW)

  • Social Media Presence (defining the best solution for each client in addressing how to engage with their customers in the world of social media)

  • WOW Service Mentor can also provide expertise on the following areas:
  • low-cost and innovative marketing ideas to increase exposure
  • merchandising planning and traffic flow for retail space
  • inventory buying strategies for small business
  • product mix development for specialty retail environments
  • website set-up and maintenance for small businesses
  • recruiting process innovations for small business

  • Okanagan (Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton) Vancouver and Calgary

Mentoring vs Consulting

Kelowna Customer Service Training and Facilitator What is the difference between a mentor and a consultant, you ask?

Well, a mentor is on your side, working with you and your ideas to ensure your success. Where a consultant may work more from their own agenda, a mentor is working to set you up so that you can take best advantage of every opportunity.

WOW Service Mentor is about working one-on-one, with you and every member of your team. Success comes from both the top down and the bottom up. When everyone is keen and able to contribute, then delivering WOWs becomes second nature.

Every client receives full attention when they work with WOW Service Mentor, and each program is tailored to the company and environment. Confidentiality is of paramount importance, to ensure every client's trust. The only thing shared with everyone is enthusiam!

The Value of Troubleshooting

Training your employees is an important part of supplying a good customer service experience, but if you want to ensure they can provide good service even when things go bad, you need to teach them how to troubleshoot. Reputation management is important, and prepared staff can be empowered to take an active part in maintaining a positive reputation.

Do you know what your employees would do if a customer is having a crisis? WOW Service Mentor includes troubleshooting with every employee training program, to ensure that WOWs can occur even when plan A and possibly plan B don't work. Click here to learn more on solutions WOW Service Mentor can share with your team.

Professional Instructor

Kelowna Customers Services Training
Kristin Peturson-Laprise
Kristin Peturson-Laprise is a certified trainer, accredited Sommelier and manager with 25 years of experience in service industries. She has worked with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Mission Hill Family Estate and Quails' Gate Winery, as well as managing multiple location retail and spa businesses. She has created customer service programs from the ground up and enhanced existing programs with new initiatives and rewards.Her teams have won awards for customer service, innovation, employee satisfaction and revenue targets.More about our Mentor/Consultant