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The Mentor

Kristin Peturson-Laprise is the owner/operator of WOW Service Mentor. She has twenty five years of experience across the various facets of the service sector, and a passion for sharing her enthusiasm with others. As a young girl, she experienced exemplary customer service in a retail shop in Calgary and it transformed her as a consumer. To be treated as someone special even as a child, with not much money to spend, made her a loyal and happy customer. The magic of that relationship inspired her to learn about business. With an insatiable sense of curiosity, she also wanted to learn about other cultures and so took up languages. A degree in languages with a year of living in France taught her that people everywhere want to be understood, to create a relationship. Her passion was working with people, and so applying this insight to business naturally took her to sales.

Kristin has worked in resort hotels, restaurants, spas and retail, always focusing on sales and customer service. She was fortunate enough to work with such companies as Fairmont Hotels, where the passion for excellence is one of their core values. Kristin worked with often young and inexperienced staff on cross-functional teams and created systems to raise their service standards. She moved to the Okanagan for a position with Mission Hill Family Estate, another company focused on service excellence. There she expanded the guest services program and their target retail market. Kristin has also been an active part of the Okanagan community, working on committees with Tourism Westside and Tourism Kelowna. After eight years of living and working in the Okanagan, Kristin has seen first hand how many small businesses do not manage to achieve good service consistently due to a simple lack of focus and/or manpower. She decided that the time was right to share her expertise.

Kristin's E-mail: mentor@wowservicementor.com