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Have you heard this, or thought it? "The employees have no idea what makes us special."

As a business owner, you want to show your best face to every customer. You want them to know what makes your business special, and why they are important to you. But what if your employees don't know how to send this message to your customers? Here is a true story - would it be the kind of tale you might hear about your business?

... A woman wants to get a golf gift card for her husband, so she researches local courses as she is not a golfer. One of the ones she liked online is on her way home, so she stops to see what it is like in person

. ... The first staff member she meets is a young man, perhaps a cart boy or a greens person. She asks him why she should pick this course for her gift and the young man looks around studiously and says, "Because it's very green."

... Luckily the woman wanders over to the putting green and asks a couple of golfers their opinion. One of the gentlemen tells her that this course is the only full sized course in the vicinity, and so a good choice for a keen golfer.

Do you train all of your employees in customer service or only the ones who are on the sales floor or at the cash register? Every employee needs to understand the secret to what makes your business special. Every member of your staff is an customer service ambassador.

How can you make sure every one of your employees knows how to wow your customers?

WOW Service Mentor is all about making sure that every staff member at a business understands what is special about where they work, and how they can share that with their customers and their colleagues. Business owners and managers can be proud to leave their shops and offices, knowing that their team is the biggest fan base for their company, and they will share their enthusiasm with each and every customer. This is the essence of WOW service.

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