"We have lots of regular customers who are satisfied."

Customer expectations are much higher than they used to be, and studies now show that satisfied customers are not actually loyal customers.

Behavioural psychologists have proven that consumers make more than 70% of their decisions based on emotional factors. Their loyalty depends on them having an emotional connection with your brand. Since only 52% of customers say that they are emotionally connected to any company, this presents a real competitive advantage if you can win them over.

WOW Service Mentor works with your entire team to show them the advantages and the fun of being engaged and communicating your company's vision. Each and every employee can wow each and every customer after a tailored WOW program that gets everyone on board. We can also work with you to devise loyalty programs that speak to your unique brand offering and work efficiently within your systems.

We are happy to discuss options with you; feel free to contact us.

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