"I never get any complaints from my customers."

Did you know that most customers don't complain at a place of business anymore? They either make a comment on a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, or they just quietly walk out and never return. They will make themselves feel better by complaining to friends and family, and business associates.

Bad advertising is 5 times more effective than the best ad you can design. Studies show that a customer who has a negative experience will tell 50 people directly (plus all their Facebook and Twitter connections). 87% of those customers will never return to your business. Dealing with the complaints you do get is a new kind of responsibility - "reputation management" is an important part of dealing with the new ways customers share their feedback.

Do you know how satisfied your customers are? Do you know how many of them come back? Do you do anything special for your regular or best customers? If you don't, how do you know they won't visit you more often or spend more when they visit?

WOW Service Mentor knows the proof that can be provided when you have feedback from your customers. This information can affect your bottom line. According to Gallup, organizations that have optimized engagement have outperformed their competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth. Their customers buy more, spend more, return more often, and stay longer.

Accurate and specific data that pertains to your unique product or service will assist you in going to the next level. WOW Service Mentor can provide you with options for customer feedback systems and customer loyalty programs. Contact us for a consultation.