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"The employees don't care; it's just a job."

Do you feel like you are the only one who really cares about your business because you are the only owner? You want your staff to care as if it was their own project, but some days their hearts aren't in it, and customers notice.

...a customer approaches the cash register with a basket full of goodies, and wants to ask about the upcoming special event or maybe a deal that is advertised in the store. They notice more than one staff member in the store but no one at the cash. An employee walks by the desk, head down, and the customer flags them down. "Can you help me?", they ask. "No, sorry, I don't do cash", is the response.

How do you teach your employees that customer service is not a department, it is part of the entire company? Why isn't teaching product knowledge and procedures enough for employees to understand the concept of wow-ing the customer?

WOW Service Mentor has a customer service program that can teach your team the advantage of delivering a wow experience to each and every customer. Your employees can learn to have more fun and feel like they are making a difference. If you would like to get your employees to engage your customers and offer their own suggestions to improve your service, contact us.